The best allen wrench sets for every project

Measurements on Allen wrenches are usually displayed in one of two ways. Sometimes, you’ll find metric Allen wrench sets that will use millimeters to differentiate between the hex key sizes. You can also get some displayed in SAE sizes. Most of the time, though, you can find hex keys displayed in both ways, so you can easily tell apart sizes no matter what.

There are plenty of different wrench sets to choose from, depending on what trade you specialize in. If you work with cars, there are ratcheting wrench sets for automotive repairs, or you may also need a socket wrench set. A craftsman wrench set will work best for someone who specializes in woodworking or home projects.

RexbetiEXBETI Hex Key Allen Wrench Set

Best Heat-Treated Steel

The Rexbeti Hex Key Allen Wrench Set is made of heat-treated S2 steel that promises strength and reliability. The hardness and torque are incomparable, and you will immediately feel the quality when you are using these wrenches. The ball-end design lets you access socket cap screws with a 35-degree angle for entry. The long arms let you reach trickier spots with ease.

Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set

Best Storage Case

The Tekton Hex Key Wrench Set is finished with black oxide to resist corrosion without chipping off like other protective layers. The long arm and short arm designs let you pick between distance and leverage. All of these wrenches are housed in a compact and organized carrying case with easy-to-read sizes at the bottom of the storage container.

Owl Tools Allen Wrench Set

Best Value

For those who need an affordable hex wrench set, the Owl Tools Allen Wrench Set is a great choice for your tool bag. The 36 sizes available make it easy for you to pick which one will fit your project, whether it is in metric or SAE size. Each wrench is marked with its size. The solid carbon wrench is plated differently, so you have chrome for metric hex keys and black oxide for SAE wrenches.

These Allen wrench sets are a mainstay for your workshop, tool bag, or even at home in your garage. You can construct a multitude of projects with these, ranging from complex computer part procedures to simply putting some furniture together. Get yourself a sturdy set that will last you for years.