The best allen wrenches to be prepared for unscrewing unusual bolts and screws

An Allen wrench typically is a small L-shaped tool that’s ideal to use on special fasteners in hard-to-reach places. The wrench is often included with new furniture items that need to be assembled and is commonly used to put together and repair bikes. Although it has an unusual shape and is used on unusual fasteners, an Allen wrench or Allen wrench set — such as these intriguing options — is invaluable.

An Allen wrench will only fit on a six-sided or hex bolt and screw. To stand ready to install or remove a wide variety of those fasteners, it’s a good idea to have an Allen wrench set or various Allen wrench sizes on hand. You never know when you’ll come across a rather unusual hex bolt or screw. Get one of these top-notch Allen wrenches or Allen wrench sets to be better prepared.

Stanley Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys

Best Compact

When only easy-to-handle Allen wrenches will do, consider getting the Stanley Folding Metric and Sae Hex Keys. The two-pack of tools has nine Allen wrenches apiece that compactly fold into durable composite holders. Rubber side inserts offer a more secure grip, and a chamfered edge helps guide the wrenches for a smoother and easier entry of the hex key.


Best Value

Manage your tool-buying budget by getting the HORUDSY Hex Key Set to fulfill your Allen wrench needs. The affordable set includes 15 long-reach hex keys and 15 high-leverage and short hex keys. They are made of heat-treated steel and sport a black-oxide finish. Conventional drive ends on the long and short keys provide better leverage on stubborn fasteners.

Bondhus L-Wrench Balldriver

Best Proguard Finish

If you desire very rust-resistant Allen wrenches, the Bondhus L-Wrench Balldriver double-pack set could be for you. The 22 wrenches have a ProGuard finish that’s formulated to be five times more effective at preventing rust than the next leading brand. One pack has 13 and the other has nine balldriver L-wrenches, which are designed to save time in hard-to-reach and blind places.

If you’re about to install or remove a fastener with a traditional screwdriver but you notice it has a hexagonal head, it’s time to go grab an Allen wrench. When it comes to reaching out for help, these top-of-the-line Allen wrenches and Allen wrench sets are good to have in hand.