The best angle drills for greater accuracy

If you want a right-angle arm attachment, it basically does the same thing as an angle drill. These will let you work around the larger drill size. A lot of angle drills are also slimmer in their design while delivering just as much power and torque as a traditional drill. These make them great for portability if you travel around for your projects.

The right-angle drill is great for working on projects that have smaller screws. You can increase your visibility due to the lack of a larger body that traditional drills have. Without that in the way, you are able to get in closer — with goggles, of course — and see where you are drilling more accurately.

DEWALT Right Angle Drill

Best Set

The DEWALT Right Angle Drill is a great titanium drill set. It comes with 14 drill bits to get the perfect drill each time. You can switch between two sets of speed ranges for better variety in choice for your projects. The compact angle drill is only 4 inches in length, which lets you also reach those tighter spots without worrying about awkward drilling angles.

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill

Best Handle

If you want a drill with a comfortable handle and an ergonomic grip, you cannot go wrong with the Milwaukee Right Angle Drill. The drill can work in spaces as small as 3/8 inches in width. There are 11 settings and drill modes for you to choose from, so you can also get a great handle on what you want to do when you are drilling.

Bosch Pocket Driver Kit

Best Compact

If you work with smaller projects or have a need for a drill that can get into those tighter spaces, the Bosch Pocket Driver Kit will be your new go-to. The compact size of this angle drill also makes it a lightweight drill at only 1.4 pounds. There are 20+1 clutch settings for greater control. The drill also comes with its own batteries and a battery charger for convenient recharging when not in use.

An angle drill will soon become a regularly used tool for your projects. Whether you’re fixing up an old cabinet or taking off the hinges of a door, you will be surprised how easy it is to use one of these drills. Slip it into your tool belt or place it in your gear bag and you are ready to go.