The best bench grinders for sharpening tools

A bench grinder’s grindstone wheels offer different levels of coarseness. The coarser the grindstone, the more metal that’s removed from an object. The front edge of a grindstone can become worn and clogged with metal over time, so the stone periodically needs to be dressed. To get the hang of and benefit from a good bench grinder, get one of these top-notch models.

If the need arises to grind a larger amount of metal to achieve a sharp edge on an item, a bench grinder is the optimal tool for the job since it’s accurate and easy to use. The machine offers much greater control over grinding and a more precise cut or shave. Don’t put any guesswork into such tasks; get one of these effective and reliable bench grinders instead.

DEWALT Bench Grinder

Best for Industrial Use

If you need a high-performing bench grinder for industrial applications, the DEWALT Bench Grinder is the right choice. The rugged 8-inch grinder sports a ¾-horsepower induction motor that provides optimal power for industrial grinding applications. The motor can operate at 3,600 RPMs for high-speed material removal. The grinder’s cast-iron base and motor housing are engineered for durability and a prolonged life.

WEN Bench Grinder

Best for Sharpening Tools

Looking for a bench grinder to predominantly sharpen tools? Then take a gander at the WEN Bench Grinder, a 2.1-amp, 6-inch machine that’s ideal for sharpening dull tools, knives, blades, bits, and other metal objects. It features one 60-grit wheel for general purpose grinding and one 36-grit wheel for faster material removal. The grinder can operate at speeds up to 3,450 RPMs.

Delta Bench Grinder

Best Speed Control

To gain the advantages of a bench grinder with speed control, try the Delta Bench Grinder. The 6-inch grinder features a front variable speed dial to more easily control speeds from 2,000 to 3,400 RPMs. It also sports a 2.5-amp induction-type motor to offer more powerful grinding performance. The grinder incorporates two different grits for sharpening and grinding.

Take metal shaping, cutting, and sanding to new heights by using a solid bench grinder. You can gain better precision, speed, and safety with one of these versatile bench grinders.