The best bench sanders for saving time on the job

When using a bench sander, be aware of the different grits that you are using. Because of how quickly these work, you want to be careful not to use a grit that is too coarse on more delicate projects. When getting rid of excess materials, a coarser grit is perfect. For those finer and smoother finishes, finding the right grain can mean the different between a smooth surface and a project with uneven sides.

You can find a whole world of bench sanders for your work. You can get porter cable bench sanders that have a moving belt and a stationary body. Bench disc sanders use a moving disc instead of a long belt to get the job done. There are also bench grinder belt sander attachments you can add on to existing machines.

WEN Belt and Disc Sander

Best Dual Function

You can get the WEN Belt and Disc Sander and have a two-in-one machine. The disc is 6 inches in diameter and the belt is a 4×36 inch belt. The belt can tilt between a flat horizontal lay and 90 degrees. The open-style steel frame design makes it easier for you to load larger projects on the machine. The tension release lever will make it easier to change between the necessary sandpaper grits.

TACKLIFE Belt Sander

Best Value Set

The TACKLIFE Belt Sander is a great set for those who want it all in one. It is a 13-piece set that includes the sander, extra sanding belts, and metal screw clamps. The extra belts come in two grits: 120 grit and 80 grit aluminum oxide sanding belts.

Bucktool Bench Belt Sander

Best Low Maintenance

You have enough to do in your shop without dealing with machines that break down, costing you time and money. Why not help yourself to the Bucktool Bench Belt Sander, a high-quality sander that does not require a lot of maintenance. The components include a dust collecting bag that keeps your work area clean. Adjust the three-position handle to control exactly how much pressure you want.

Belt sanders are great for going through those larger and tougher jobs. They bring in the power so you can ease up on the elbow grease. Get yourself a reliable belt sander to get more jobs done quickly.