The best blue painter’s tapes for flawless and drip-proof painting projects

If you have a lot of rooms to paint, especially bedrooms, stock up on blue painter’s tape. It’s widely considered the best tape to protect woodwork, trim, glass, metal, and other surfaces while painting. Because the tape is effective and easy to remove are reasons enough for its popularity. Those reasons are why you should consider one of these top-notch blue painter’s tapes.

Blue painter’s tape is designed to be versatile and flexible so it can be applied easily to many surfaces. It comes in various widths and on rolls of various lengths depending on your painting needs. The tape usually can stay on surfaces for up to 14 days and still be removed easily. When you’re ready to paint, get one of these leading blue painter’s tapes.

Duck Clean Release Blue Painter's Tape

Best Multipurpose

Do you need to protect a lot of different surfaces during your next painting job? Then consider getting Duck Clean Release Blue Painter's Tape. Available in three 60-yard rolls, the tape can be applied on many surfaces, including painted walls, trim, glass, wood, and metal. The medium adhesion tape can remain in place up to 14 days in direct or no sunlight and still be removed without issue.


Best for Sharp Lines

If you want sharp lines during your next painting job, FROGTAPE can help. The nearly 1-inch blue painter’s tape comes in a 45-yard roll and is designed to maintain sharp lines while keeping paint off surfaces. It features a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the tape’s edges to prevent paint bleed and the need for touch ups.

Scotch Rough Surface Extra Strength

Best for Rough Surfaces

If you need to protect rough surfaces while painting, get a strong and durable blue painter’s tape. That describes the Scotch Rough Surface Extra Strength tape, a very strong adhesive tape that can be used on concrete, brick, stucco, and rough wood. The 1.4-inch tape can remain applied for up to five days without leaving behind any damage or sticky residue.

Protect surfaces in a room prior to painting by applying an effective and easy-to-remove blue painter’s tape. These quality tapes can do the job well while providing sharp lines and edge protection.