The best cable crimping tools for accurately applying electrical connectors

If a terminal is not crimped onto a wire correctly, the integrity of an electrical connection can be impacted. It’s vital to use the right cable crimping tool for the gauge and barrel type of terminal that needs to be crimped. One of these effective and dependable cable crimping tools is just the right choice for the job.

Cable crimping tools are engineered to join cable, wire, and other ductile materials. Hand crimpers are manual devices used to crimp wires and cables, while voice and data crimping dies can crimp voice and data connectors. There also are manual hydraulic hose crimpers that feature air-assisted pressure. In terms of hand cable crimping tools, these are some of the best ones available.

UbiGear Cat6 500 Cable Crimper

Best Overall

If one of the best cable crimping tools will do, get the UbiGear Cat6 500 Cable Crimper. Its LED lights will flash in rotation if all the wires are properly connected. The tool is a network cable tester and crimper, and a tool kit for connector plug networks. It is engineered to judge a wrong connection, short circuit, or open circuit.

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Cable Crimper

Best Quality

To gain the advantages of a high-quality cable crimping tool, grab the Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Modular Cable Crimper. It’s a wire stripper, crimper, and cutter combo tool for paired-conductor data cables. The tool trims flush to the end face of connectors, eliminating unintended contact between conductors.

Wirefy Crimping Tool Set

Best Security Features

For those seeking safety and security features in their next cable crimping tool, give the Wirefy Crimping Tool Set a try. It has a built-in quick release and a soft and safe handle. The tool’s precise ratcheting mechanism is designed to make proper uniform crimps every time, and its crimping force can be adjusted to apply the right amount.

If crimping is a big part of your work day, get a reliable cable crimping tool. These accurate, comfortable-to-use, and adjustable cable crimping tools can make your work a bit easier.