The best cable cutters for professional electrical installations

A clean cut is the basis of any electrical or cable installation. You want a sharp and sturdy tool that can pierce in a consistent and smooth way to preserves the inner arrangements of your cable. Another benefit of owning a cable cutter is the versatility they have to cut different materials and even double as bolt cutters. Check this collection with the best cable cutters out there.

Whether you are ready for the Milwaukee cable cutters or looking for a compact handheld option, our selection has something for you. These suggestions will bring that professional performance to your projects. Provide your clients with the clean, neat installations and cabling solutions they are looking for.

Channellock 911CB Cable Cutter

Best Overall

When you want to rely on a tool to get it right every time, the Channellock 911CB Cable Cutter is the way to go. This is a reliable and hardworking tool that has a superior cutting edge. This model features high-carbon steel blades and secure grips for extra comfort during extended use. This is a powerful tool that sets the standard in its class.

Muzata Stainless Steel Cable Cutter

Best One – Handed

If you are looking for a solution to enable multitasking, the Muzata Stainless Steel Cable Cutter is the perfect choice for one-hand operation. Designed to cut steel wire of up to 5/32 inches, you can expect clean and easy cuts every time. You will notice how there is no fraying or smashed ends, and it’s great at grommet removal, ideal for quick and neat work.

Klein Tools Cable Cutters

Best High-leverage

The Klein Tools Cable Cutters has a unique high-leverage design that increases cutting power. It has beveled jaw tips to provide both mating and shearing actions. This protects both the tool and the edges of the cable. The dimensions are ideal for work in reduced or confined spaces. Its grip is comfortable and able to be operated with one hand at ease.

Add one of these amazing cable cutters to your collection, and cut down on time, effort and wasted material. You will quickly see how much more profitable each job gets when you are using quality tools. Take your craft to the next level with these high-performance suggestions.