The best cap staplers for durable results

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for a cap stapler, plastic cap stapler, button cap stapler, or crossfire cap stapler. For example, the tool’s speed, maneuverability, and ability to install a longer length staple are vital. A stapler also should accommodate either bump or sequential firing and install up to 5 or more cap staples per second. These top-notch models can provide many or all of those benefits.

In addition to laying down housewraps and roofing underlayments, cap staplers, plastic cap staplers, button cap staplers, and crossfire cap staplers can be used to install foam boards, carpet padding, or upholstery. The tools are ideal for installing soft and dense materials. To take advantage of such a suitable tool, get one of these great cap staplers.

WEN Crown Stapler

Best Value

Unlock high value in a cap stapler by latching onto the WEN Crown Stapler. The affordable 3/8- to 1-Inch, 18 gauge, narrow crown stapler offers 60 to 100 PSI in operating pressure and a 100-staple capacity. It sports a die-cast aluminum body and a quick release for clearing staple jams. The lightweight power tool can be used to finish projects or make repairs quickly.

Surebonder Pneumatic Stapler

Best Maneuverability

For optimal maneuverability and user comfort in a cap stapler, check out the Surebonder Pneumatic Stapler. Its standard features include a rubber cushioned handle for better comfort; a quick release magazine for easier staple loading and a ¼-inch quick-release connector; a safety mechanism designed to prevent accidental firing, and an adjustable air exhaust.

BOSTITCH Crown Stapler

Best Sturdy Design

If durability is top of the list when it comes to a cap stapler, the BOSTITCH Crown Stapler offers a sturdy design. It sports a lightweight magnesium design for added durability. The stapler features a selectable trigger system that converts from sequential to contact operation, a low nail lockout that prevents dry firing, and dial-a-depth control for more precise countersinking.

To ensure capped fasteners are snug on roofing materials, insulation, upholstery or fencing, batten them down with a good cap stapler. These effective and easy-to-operate cap staplers are firmly in the “good” category.