The best cement mixtures for your construction needs

Remember that cement is one of the strongest elastomer adhesives out there, but it can be degraded by chemicals in combined materials. Alternatively, vinyl cement is a waterproof solvent-synthetic resin that is resistant to a long list of manufacturing chemicals. Pick the appropriate type for your needs from our top choices.

You can use a wide number of application methods with this type of adhesive. It can be applied with rollers, brushes, or by squeeze bottle. One of the best features is that dried cement film can be reactivated through high heat or removed with solvents. Check out this list with our suggestions.

Barge All Purpose Cement

Best All-Purpose

The Barge All-Purpose Cement is a professional-strength glue ideal for use on leather, rubber, and vinyl. This versatile adhesive comes in a 32-ounce can with an applicator brush attached to the lid, making for a clean efficient use and minimizes exposure to fumes.

RH Vinyl Cement

Best Industrial Strength

When it comes to industrial applications, there is no match to the RH Vinyl Cement. This super-strong flexible vinyl cement creates an insulated seal and is resistant to extreme temperatures. One of the most popular adhesives for patching, bonding, and sealing with industrial grade efficiency, this product does the job.

Rutland Stove Gasket Cement

Best for Masonry Repairs

For those doing metal masonry repairs, the Rutland Stove Gasket Cement offers superior metal bonding for stove repairs and gasket sealing. It adheres fiberglass to metal, can fix small cracks, and is rated to sustain extreme temperatures up to around 2000°F.

Get the perfect bond every time with this complete collection of the best cement options available for professional applications. We are sure you will love the strong, durable results from these top-of-the-line products.