The best chisel sets for carving, shaping, and other woodworking tasks

Chisels are considered one of the most fundamental tools for cutting and shaping wood. Among a host of uses, they can be employed to cut dovetails, chop mortises, pare tenons, carve reliefs, or shape and refine table and chair legs. To get hold of a good selection of the fundamental implement, reach out for one of these chisel or punch and chisel sets.

A wood chisel features a sharp cutting edge that’s forced into a piece of timber by hand or by force. Such wedge-like action severs wood fibers to enable a piece to be removed from a board or timber. When woodworking or some other trade requires an effective chisel set, or a punch and chisel set, consider these leading and dependable options.

VonHaus 10 pc Premium Chisel Set for Woodworking

Best for Woodworking

When deep into woodworking, a reliable and durable chisel set is critical. So, grab hold of the VonHaus Premium Chisel Set for Woodworking. The 10-piece set includes eight chisels (from 1 by one-quarter inch to 1 by 2 inches), a honing guide and an aluminum-oxide sharpening stone. The chisels feature heat-treated, chrome vanadium steel alloy blades with narrow side bevels, and rubberized ergonomic-grip handles with metal strike caps.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 16-Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Best for Mechanics

Mechanics need a punch and chisel set that’s well tailored for their occupation, and the Astro Pneumatic Tool 1600 Punch and Chisel Set meets that criteria. The 16-piece set comes with five tapered punches, five straight punches, two center punches, three cold chisels, and a chisel gauge that are engineered for metalwork.

Grip 28 pc Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set

Best General Use

If you’re seeking a reliable punch and chisel set for general uses, try the Grip Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set. The 28-piece set comes with 16 chrome vanadium punches and chisels, five pin punches, five taper punches, three cold chisels, two center punches, and a chisel punch gauge. The drop forged, heat-treated and chrome vanadium steel tools are arranged in a roll-up vinyl storage pouch.

From woodworking to metalworking, a good chisel set or punch and chisel set can go a long way. To make sure you have the right tools at the right time, get one of these leading chisel sets.