The best concrete saws for cutting heavy-duty materials easier

When using a concrete saw, there are a few precautions you should always take to ensure your safety. Wear goggles and make sure they completely surround your eyes. You should also wear a dust mask over your nose and mouth. The dust that kicks up from the use of concrete saws can become problematic to work in. Make sure to take breaks as concrete jobs tend to be more fatiguing.

There are different concrete saws you may want to look into depending on your project. A concrete cutting saw will help you get those deep cuts with precise lines and corners. A concrete hole saw will make perfect holes in nearly every surface. You can make anything from small holes to larger openings for different possible pipes and electrical projects to go through.

DEWALT Wet/Dry Masonry Saw

Best Overall

The DEWALT Wet/Dry Masonry Saw will help you cut through concrete easily as well as other materials like porcelain, granite, and other stones. The 4 3/8-inch diamond blade will cut through ceramics and stone materials up to 3 centimeters. You can leave the lock-on button when you have a steady job to do. The 13-foot water line will decrease the dust and increase the blade’s longevity.

SKILSAW Worm Drive Saw For Concrete

Best Rust-resistant

If you work in environments where rust can start to form on your tools, you want the best way to stave those dangers off. The SKILSAW Worm Drive Saw for Concrete resists rust through due to rust-resistant brackets and fasteners. The wet and dry dust management system manages the dust forming around your project. A plunge lock and retractable front pointer will guide you to precise cuts each time.

California Tools 10-inch Dry or Wet Segmented Saw Blade

Best Blade Replacement

Looking to replace the blade of your long-time concrete saw? The California Tools 10-inch Dry or Wet Segmented Saw Blade will gladly fit in right where your last blade left off. This can cut through concrete, brick, and pavers to deliver a clean cut. The blade is laser welded and features a 10-inch segmented diamond blade rim.

Your future masonry project is no match for these concrete saws. Make it easier on yourself by tackling your next job with the right tools. By knowing what you need and knowing each of the features and limitations of these saws, you will know which one to get with great certainty.