The best coping saws for precision woodworking

A coping saw best creates tight inside corner joints that make woodwork look more professional. If corners aren’t properly coped — meaning one wood piece with an irregular surface is fitted to another — they can appear gappy and sloppy. To precisely cut most any curve at a range of angles for proper corner joints, get one of these leaded coping saws or electric coping saws.

In a fret saw versus coping saw comparison, a fret saw can cut delicate shapes in wood in a very tight radius. But a coping saw tends to have more space between its blade and frame, and better rotates the orientation of the blade to the saw than a fret saw. So, when a coping saw is the best option — as happens often — consider one of these top models.

Olson Coping Saw

Best Value

To derive a lot of functionality and value from a coping saw purchase, try the Olson Coping Saw. The low-priced, sturdy, and professional saw allows standard pin end coping saw blades to be tensioned at both ends. Its blades can be turned 360 degrees to saw in any direction, and in either a push or pull stroke.

Eclipse Coping Saw

Best for Large Pieces

If you tend to routinely cut large pieces of wood with a coping saw, the Eclipse Coping Saw is a solid choice. It offers a virtually unbreakable bi-metal blade for superior cutting performance, wear resistance, and safety. The saw can be used for fine cutting work in thin materials, such as wood, bone, and plastics. It sports a comfortable wooden handle and steel frame.

BAHCO Coping Saw

Best Smooth Handle

When a comfort handle is a top coping saw consideration, the BAHCO Coping Saw becomes a top draw. It features a smooth, orange-lacquered, wooden beech handle. The 6.5-inch saw has an Interchangeable blade fitted on retaining pins that can be turned 360 degrees. The blade is made of hardened and tempered carbon steel that’s teeth milled and set.

Become a more precise woodworker or table maker by using a coping saw to cut curves in wood at many angles. These top-notch coping saws can cover your precision-cutting needs.