The best cordless drill drivers for power tool convenience

An impact driver is designed to drive or remove threaded fasteners, combining torque with brute force to drive screws more efficiently than a standard drill. Yet in a cordless drill versus an impact driver debate, the cordless drill wins out since it can both drill holes and install screws effectively. Don’t leave it up to debate, get one of these useful cordless drill drivers instead.

You might be wondering about a cordless drill versus an impact driver. A cordless drill driver is perhaps the most well-rounded tool for many general tasks, such as assembling furniture, installing carpet, or laying bricks. So, check out our selection of top-notch cordless drill drivers.

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill

Best Control

If you desire superior control in a cordless drill driver, the BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drill can provide it. The 20-volt, ⅜-inch drill offers an 11-position clutch to provide precise control while drilling into wood, metal, and plastic or driving screws. It’s engineered to be compact and lightweight to reduce fatigue and enable users to operate the drill in confined spaces.

DEWALT Cordless Drill

Best Dual Speed

When a dual-speed cordless drill driver is called for, the DEWALT Cordless Drill answers the call. The ½-inch drill sports a high-speed transmission that can deliver two speeds — 450 and 1,500 RPMs — to perform a range of fastening and drilling applications. The high-performance motor generates 300-unit watts of power ability, while an ergonomic handle provides more comfort and control.

KIMO Cordless Drill

Best Batteries

Need a cordless drill driver with dependable batteries? Then grab the KIMO Cordless Drill. The company’s 1,000-charging cycle test helps guarantee each battery on the drill is lighter, more powerful, and longer lasting than other batteries. The 12-volt drill is equipped with two-in-one working mode for driving and drilling, and a trigger-activated LED light to illuminate any enclosed workspace.

Since you drill holes and drive fasteners a lot, why not get the tool that can do both often and well? Strongly consider purchasing one of these hardworking and durable cordless drill drivers.