The best diagonal cutting pliers for electrical work

You often work rewiring homes and electrical boxes, and are always reaching for cutters to adjust cords. A pair of diagonal cutting pliers makes this task safe and easy, thanks to angled blades and non-electric conductive handles. We’ve rounded up the best nippers here to help you decide.

An important factor for a good pair of cutting pliers is the blades’ strength. Most brands utilize steel blades for durability, ensuring they last long and will snip through wires like a bread knife to butter. Another design factor is the handle which is often made with plastic or rubber to prevent electrical charges.

The average length for industry cutters is 6 to 7 inches, but shorter models are available in 5 inches while longer models reach up to 10 inches. Let’s check out which size and model might be best for you.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Best Overall

The IRWIN cutters are our overall best pick for electricians who need a pair with durable chromium steel blades and a grippy ProTouch handle. With induction-hardened tips, these cutters stay sharp longer without maintenance. This 6-inch pair meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) qualifications for working tools.

IGAN Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Best Grip Handle

The IGAN cutters are designed with professional users in mind who need a secure, comfortable grip handle. A spring-loaded mechanism supports every cut, reducing stress on your hand and fingers. This 7-inch cutter with steel blades accommodates steel wires with a 1.6 millimeter diameter and copper wires up to 9-gauge.

KNIPEX Tools Diagonal Cutters

Best Durable

With the KNIPEX cutters, you won’t have to worry about replacing this valuable tool every few weeks. This high-performance tool is trusted by handymen globally, thanks to a high leverage that reduces effort required with each cut. The chrome vanadium steel blades are built to last over time and under great stress. Even with metal nails and wires, you can save your strength for larger jobs.

Diagonal wire cutters are an electrician’s top-performing tool. Through durable steel blades that cut nails, screws, and wires at a practical angle and comfortable grips that support all-day use, these devices avoid repetition stress on your hands. Luckily, any cutter from our list is guaranteed to make each tough cut easy on your joints.