The best die grinders for grinding, sanding, and polishing in one tool

There are other features you can look for in your die grinder. An angle die grinder puts the grinder at an angle for better visibility of the head. You can also get ergonomically designed die grinders that reduce fatigue while working. Do not forget the grinder bits, too! They are an essential part of making the tool perfect for your workbench.

Die grinders come with two main sources of power. You can get a pneumatic die grinder that relies on an air compressor to deliver the power of the tool. You can also find electric die grinders that no longer need to connect to air compressors. These are usually stand-alone and cordless to have a better chance of maneuverability.

Ingersoll Rand Edge Series Air Angle Die Grinder

Best Overall

This is a reliable die grinder for those looking for a fantastic electric die grinder with a ball bearing construction. The heavy-duty grinder has a self-locking lever throttle to keep you safe when you are not using it. The rear exhaust makes sure the air doesn’t blow on your work or in your face.

DEWALT Die Grinder

Best High Power & Speed

Looking for the grinder that will deliver you the fast and the furious? The DEWALT Die Grinder is a 1-1/2 inch grinder that provides 25,0000 rpm from its 4.2 amp motor. The AC/DC capacity of the grinder works off of a welding machine and a generator. The ¼ inch collet securely holds the accessories in place so every move you make is precise and accurate.

Chicago Pneumatic Right Angle Pistol Grip Die Grinder

Best Compact

When you want something smaller to fit into your gear bag, try this grinder. The angle grinder lets you look at your work more accurately and fits right in your hand. You can use this for general maintenance applications and see how easy it is to move around for the right application each time. The built-in air regulator makes sure the machine is long lasting.

Die grinders are a workman’s best friend, and these are sure to hit the spot. Whether you need something smaller to fit into those tight spaces or something that can work through metal with ease, these die grinders will provide you with exactly what you need. Treat yourself to one and watch the difference it makes in your work.