The best drill bit organizers to order your bits by size, type, or composition

If you can’t find your drill bits, are you working to the best of your ability? Spending a bunch of time trying to find bits you need at the moment is a hassle, but good drill bit organizers can help ensure you don’t waste time looking for lost pieces. Our top choices for best drill bit storage organizers get you back to work and ensure less hassle.

These drill bit organizers help you organize by type, size, composition, or any number of organizational methods. They allow you to work with your large collection of bits without spending time searching for a missing bit. Choose one of our favorites and get your toolkit back under control so you can get back to work. Let’s find the right one for your needs.

Olsa Tools Hex Bit Organizer With Magnetic Base

Best Magnetic

This high-capacity organizer is designed to wrangle a variety of bits with a magnetic backing to fit into your toolbox or on a tool wall with ease. It comes in a few different colors and has space for almost 40 different bits. The material is impact resistant and provides a chance for you to organize your bits carefully and thoughtfully.

DeWalt TSTAK Tool Organizer

Best for Small Bits

If you have a ton of small bits, this drill bit organizer box provides neat and compact storage for an extensive collection of bits. Double drawers with removable dividers allow you to organize your bits as you’d like for quick identification, and ball-bearing slides with heavy-duty latching give you plenty of durability. A reinforced handle gives you plenty of control and convenience.

Neiko 02449A Hex Bit Rack

Best Value

This simple yet capable organizer is a classic design in a bright color. High-quality plastic with a rubber base and magnetized backing provides you with the option to mount the case or use it in your tool bag. It’s easy to see, withstands even high use, and provides the chance to wrangle your most used bits into one easy-to-locate carrier. The slim design also allows you to use it inside a tray.

It’s time to get your drill bits in order. A drill bit organizer will give you the bits you need quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to waste time trying to locate one that got away from you. Our favorite options are durable and provide long-lasting performance for multiple bits and plenty of organization options to suit your preferences. Your tool bag is now one step closer to high-performance organization.