The best drill holsters for handheld tools and accessories

You’re at a work site 10 stories high when you realize you’ve left your handy drill and bits down below. With a drill holster, you’ll always have this tool and important accessories within reach. Fortunately, we’ve identified the leading brands on the market and listed them here to help you decide.

Drill holsters are a storage solution for drills and various accessories like drivers, interchangeable bits, and adapters. A common alternative is a tool vest with a drill holster, but these can get in the way of other safety equipment or work clothes. A drill holster is more compact and is designed to clip or loop onto your work belt or pants without weighing you down.

Commonly used materials include canvas, poly web, and leather. Most holsters feature an open bottom that accommodates sharp drill bits that may otherwise puncture a closed design holster. Now, let’s check out our picks.

CLC Custom Leathercraft Drill Holster

Best Value

The Custom Leathercraft holster is a polyester pouch with a main pocket for your drill and seven outer pockets for organizing bits. A quick-release buckle over your drill and an angled design help keep your tools in place as you move around the workplace. For added durability and to avoid fraying, double stitching lines the holster’s edges.

NoCry Fast Draw Drill Holster

Best Storage Capacity

The NoCry holster is a 17-pocket, left-handed model with an open bottom. Its back loop fits onto any belt up to 3 ⅛ inches wide and a 7 ¾-inch safety strap accommodates large drills when not in use. When the drill compartment is empty, the Velcro backing on the strap keeps it out of your way. Elastic pockets stretch to hold wider tools but shrink back to secure them in place.

ToughBuilt Cliptech Drill Holster

Best Compact

The ToughBuilt holster might be the best choice for jobs where all you need is a drill, three bits, and a tape measure. Although small, heavy-duty rivets provide reinforcement on this product to secure your heavy tools in place. This compact pouch is also ideal for upgrading tool belts or vests that aren’t built with a drill holster.

Drill holsters eliminate the need to walk back and forth from your workspace to your toolbox and saves your back from bending down and picking up drill accessories. These storage solutions house your handheld drill, bits, and other materials like screws, pliers, and nails. Choose a drill holster on our list today whether you need one with a large storage capacity or just an add-on to your current tool belt.