The best drill press clamps to keep tough materials stable while working

There are a few types of drill press clamps that will be useful for you. Some are drill press table clamps that can become more permanent options for your work bench. Others are drill press hold down clamps that can be portable so you can bring it with you when you are out and about for a job.

Additionally, you can get a drill press vise and it will keep your pieces stable without you having to use your hand to steady it. This gives you the ability to use both your hands to stabilize a larger drill.

Irwin Tools Drill Press Vise

Best Value

Business expenses are already through the roof, so you do not want your tools to be another addition to that ever-expanding bill. You also want to make sure that you have tools that are of great value, so you do not have to replace them often. The Irwin Tools Drill Press Vise provides a great bang for your buck. The slotted base helps you easily install and position the vise. The jaws are textured to prevent any slipping.

WEN 423DPV 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press

Sturdiest Option

The WEN 423DPV 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press brings a lot of strength to your workspace. The drill press vise will grip woods, metals, plastics, and a bunch of other materials. The body is made out of cast iron to have a weighted addition to keeping materials stable. The four onboard mountain slots also helps you fasten the vise to a drill press table with ease.

Z-Color Miniature Drill Press

Best Portable Option

If your job takes you everywhere, the Z-Color Miniature Drill Press wants to tag along. The material of the drill press itself is an aluminum alloy, so it stays durable even when inside a bag. The drill press clamp can secure any number of objects, even if they are irregularly shaped. It is a smaller drill press, so it also works if you are working with smaller items like electronics and models.

Take care of yourself and the materials you work with by investing in a secure drill press clamp. Having the right one around means the difference between a safe working environment and a constant risk. Take along a portable one so you can take it with you to other workspaces.