The best drum sanders for redoing floor surfaces

A drum sander or jet drum sander can be used to sand wood or plastics. Some are handheld models or power drill attachments, while others are large pieces of equipment. A large drum sander also can be operated like a bench machine employing various drums and sandpaper grits. While perusing the drum sander market, be sure to consider one of these effective models.

Prior to using a drum sander or jet drum sander, the floor to be worked on needs to be checked for any protruding nails, cracks, or gaps that first require repairs. Good preparation also includes putting on a dust mask, eye protection and ear plugs, and ensuring the room is well ventilated. Better yet, make sure you have a high-performing and dependable drum sander on hand, like one of these models.

AUSTOR Sanding Drum Set

Best for Corner Details

It’s difficult to sand in corners with a drum sander, so finding one that’s effective on corner details is important. The AUSTOR Sanding Drum Set is one such sander. It’s many accessories include 120 of the most common and standard size sanding bands used to smooth surfaces and curved edges. The sanding bands hold firm to the drum manderl for better finishing results.

GOCHANGE Sanding Drum Kit

Best Value

If value will drive your drum sander purchase, consider the GOCHANGE Sanding Drum Kit. The affordable kit includes 300 sanding band sleeves, six drum mandrels for a Dremel rotary tool and a combination wrench. The hand-powered drum sander can be used to smooth and polish surfaces and curved edges. The drum mandrels are made of heavy-duty rubber to last longer.

Dremel Drum Sander

Best Longevity

Need a drum sander to last a long time? Then get the Dremel Drum Sander, a ½-inch drum sander covered with aluminum oxide abrasive and featuring coarse 60-grit sanding that’s built for longevity. It’s engineered for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass, removing rust from metal surfaces, and shaping rubber surfaces.

To redo a wood floor’s surface, first get it back to its original condition with a drum sander. These dependable and high-performing drum sanders can do the hard surface preparation work for you.