The best drywall saws for efficient installations

A drywall saw’s knifelike point at the end of its blade can penetrate a building material, and then the remainder of the blade can be pushed through to begin cutting. Most drywall saws can cut during both the push and pull stroke. To find out how such a saw can help you with your projects, take a look at these top-notch drywall hand saws and drywall electric saws.

In addition to drywall, a drywall saw can cut features in a number of other building materials. A hole saw for drywall is another tool option. Drywall saws typically have a fixed or retractable blade, depending on the tool. To make sure you have the right tool for your drywall cutting needs, get one of these high-performing drywall saws.


Best Drywall Saw

If you’re curious as to which drywall saw leads the pack, check out the DEWALT Jab Saw. The leading drywall saw sports an aggressive tooth design to cut up to 50% faster than traditional tooth designs. Its induction-hardened teeth are engineered to stay sharp for a long time. The standard jab saw measures 7 by 5 by 3 inches.

Goldblatt Jab Saw

Best Ergonomic Saw

Need a drywall saw that’s comfortable to use? The Goldblatt Jab Saw is lightweight and features a soft grip and slip-resistant handle. It’s ergonomically designed for continuous use with minimal fatigue. The saw offers a larger handle guard for improved safety and a 6-inch bi-metal blade with inverted teeth to increase the pulling force.

Folding Hand Saw Multi-Purpose 8” Triple Cut Carbon Steel Blade

Best Foldable Drywall Saw

If a good foldable drywall saw intrigues you, the Folding Hand Saw Multi-Purpose Triple Cut Carbon Steel Blade should be on your radar. Unlike other folding saws with pop-button locking mechanisms that can close or snap unexpectedly, this small hand saw from Home Planet Gear features a stronger and more dependable gear lock that secures the open blade in place. The folding blade fits fully into the handle so no teeth are exposed.

When you need to cut into drywall for myriad reasons — such as to accommodate an electrical box — you want to do it easily and accurately. These top-performing drywall saws can help you do that and more.