The best dust collection systems for easy clean-up

From DIY dust collection systems to high-end versions, these efficient solutions make all the difference after a long day of work. They help you clean up quickly, so you can wrap up the work and relax sooner.

Whether you work in your shop or onsite, you never want to leave a dusty mess behind. An efficient dust collection system sucks it all up, so your floors look great and your lungs breathe easy. No matter where your job takes you, you can be sure that your dust collection system will take care of the mess. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator

Best Overall

With increased suction power, the Oneida Air Systems Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator features centrifugal force to capture 99% of dust and debris. No clogged filters or loss of suction with this system. Its patented technology reduces the need for cleanings and prolongs the lifespan of your filter. This portable system is versatile and adaptable to different hose sizes. It includes the AS cyclone, SD hose, elbow adapters, 5-gallon buckets, caster wheels, gasket, and mounting hardware.

Shop Fox Dust Collector

Best With Y-Adapter

The Shop Fox Dust Collector is the powerful clean-up companion you’ve been looking for. It features an extra heavy-duty, 12-inch steel impeller exclusively designed for wood dust. With a 1-1/2 horsepower motor that runs on 110V, this convenient machine offers 2.5 micron filtration. Its Y-adapter fits two 4-inch openings for superior air suction capacity.

Rousseau Dust Solution For Miter Saws

Best for Miter Saws

Miter saw dust collection is easy with the Rousseau Dust Solution. As you work, the system’s hood captures and directs dust to the 4-inch vacuum port for maximum efficiency. Its interior baffles prevent escape of fine dust to make sure there’s no extra work for you. Designed to fit all miter saws, this system reduces allergies and irritation for a healthier working environment.

Drastically reduce your clean up time with the dust collection systems on our list. They are the ideal cleaning solutions to suck up the dust created by woodworking. No need to sweep or vacuum anymore, when these efficient systems make sure your shop is cleaned up in less time than ever.