The best electric wrenches for conveniently working on a variety of jobs

Not all impact wrenches give you the torque you need. When your power requirements are above average, an electric wrench is the way to go. Stop struggling and start making the most of these convenient power tools.

If you lose count of how many sockets you loosen and fasten in a day, you need an electric ratchet wrench. They help reduce fatigue in your auto repair, heavy machinery maintenance, or construction projects. Let’s take a look at our favorite electric wrenches for faster turnaround in your most demanding jobs.

ENERTWIST Electric Impact Wrench

Best Overall

The high power 8.5 amp motor of the ENERTWIST Electric Impact Wrench gives you the torque you need for any demanding project. Rated 2600 RPM speed and 2700 IPM impact rate, this heavy-duty tool features adjustable speeds. Its all-metal gear construction ensures durability, even with heavy use.

PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench

Best Grip

For the most comfortable grip with heavy-duty applications, the PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench offers power with reduced hand fatigue. It features a 7.5 amp motor and 450 ft pounds of torque. Install and remove heavy fasteners with fast application speeds that make every job easier.

VonHaus Impact Wrench Set

Best Lightweight

The VonHaus Impact Wrench Set is a lightweight power tool that doesn’t compromise torque. It features an 8.5 amp motor and a Planetary Gear System that give this compact unit the strong output you need. It includes 4 sockets of various sizes and comes in a sturdy carry case for easy storage and transportation.

If your jobs require maximum torque power, the electric ratchet wrenches on our list deliver. They handle the most demanding tasks with ease to help you work faster and more efficiently. Once you use them, they’ll become the portable job companions that’ll never leave your toolbox.