The best face clamps to prevent damaging projects

You can usually find these face clamps easily, but there are a few features that you should watch out for when choosing one. Getting one that applies the right kind of force can mean the difference between a secure grip and slippery sliver of wood. You can also find that the pads where the clamps hold should be well-rounded to distribute the pressure more evenly.

You usually use these types of clamps when you are going with the “face” of a project. This means they will handle the wood more easily and without applying too much pressure to mar or splinter it. The cabinet face frame clamps help you hold onto that side of the wood without it getting ruined.

Kreg KHC-Premium Face Clamp

Best Overall

The quality of the Kreg KHC-Premium Face Clamp makes this a great investment for the craftsman that needs a reliable and stable clamp. The unique clamp is designed to specifically help with pocket-screw joinery. You can secure individual joints with this clamp while pocket-screws are being driven in. The large faces of the clamp make sure that the joints stay flush.

Milescraft 4000 2-inch Faceclamp

Best Value

This tool provides you a great bang for your buck when it comes to having a face clamp. The jaw handles up to 2 inches of material and the thumb screw allows for an easy adjustment of the jaw capacity as you are going along and working. To go easy on your hands, the grips of the handles are made to be soft. The metal swivel pads allows no marring on your workpiece.

VALIANT 3-Inch Metal Face Clamps

Most Durable

For those who have a lot of work to get done, having to replace face clamps can be a pain. Get a durable and long-lasting one with the VALIANT 3-Inch Metal Face Clamps. The larger, round metal surface will secure your materials. You can also get clamps with pads so there is a cushion between the metal of your clamp and the surface of the wood.

Save face with the right face clamps and your projects will always come out looking great and professional. Avoid marring and other issues with the right kinds of clamps. Your tools will help elevate your work without the need of extra elbow grease on your part.