The best floor cutters for working with flooring materials that require precision

When you’re putting together flooring for a job, you need a professional, reliable cutting tool that delivers results with as little waste as possible. Our top choices for best floor cutting tools provide accurate results with minimized cracking or rips. You’ll be able to streamline your job and ensure that you don’t end up wasting materials on poor cuts and angles.

A floor cutter tool gives you the ability to make specialized cuts that don’t necessarily follow a straight line. These allow you to measure your cuts precisely as you need them and make true cuts that don’t risk breaking or tearing your materials. Our favorite floor cutters are a vital part of your job and allow you to provide your customers and jobs professional, high-quality results.

Norske Tools Flooring and Sliding Cutter

Best Overall

Norske's laminate cutting tool allows you to cut flooring in precise measurements with a convenient sliding tool. It has a 13-inch cutting capacity and is strong enough to cut a variety of flooring materials. It helps reduce splintering and features an extended handle for better leverage. High-quality steel and aluminum give you years of accurate and robust results with a durable and compact design.

EAB Tool Laminate Flooring Cutter

Best Maneuverability

The EAB tool is a high precision option with the capability to cut a wide variety of flooring types. The replaceable blade can also be resharpened — the company includes a sharpening stone — and you don't need electricity to operate the tool. Angle gauge is compatible with cuts up to 45 degrees, and it makes cuts up to 9 inches wide.

MantisTol Laminate Flooring & Siding Cutter

Best Value

The flooring tool from MantisTol uses a 13-inch cutting blade and provides high precision cutting for a variety of flooring tools. The high-quality steel and aluminum is a durable set of materials that can stand up to many professional jobs, while the tungsten steel blade stays sharp for longer. A longer handle gives you more power, and it provides quiet, non-electric performance.

Cutting flooring with a tool that produces no dust and needs no electricity is an excellent option for all your jobs. You’ll be able to make precision cuts on a variety of flooring using our favorite choices and install floors with less hassle. Whether you need a laminate floor cutter or a tile floor cutter, or even something else entirely, these can be a fantastic toolbox edition.