The best forstner bits for cutting clean holes without splintering

Forstner drill bits cut the cleanest holes when you apply extra pressure. However, this can raise the temperature of your drill bit. To avoid burning the wood or bit, always use the recommended RPM when working with a drill press. If using a handheld drill, start and stop frequently while you work.

With a centering spur and chippers, Forstner bits are easy to use with handheld drills. They keep the bit centered while drilling the hole, so you work faster and with better precision. With the items on our list, you can drill smaller and cleaner holes than with hole saws. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

Steelex Forstner Bit

Best Overall

The Steelex Forstner Bit is a 2½-inch tool designed for use on a drill press. With a ½-inch shank and a length of 6¼ inches, this carbon steel Forstner bit is durable and powerful. Cut through wood with confidence and create clean holes thanks to the saw-toothed edges on this quality drill bit. It comes in an elegant wooden box to keep your tool protected while in storage.

PORTER-CABLE Forstner Bit Set

Best Bit Set

From ¼ inch to 2 inches, this set features 14 bits to deliver clean flat bottom holes. With an open tooth design, this Forstner drill bit set delivers a smooth finish every time. It’s designed for speed and optimized for cutting angles. Made from hardened steel, you can count on the durability and long service life of this complete Forstner bit set.

Freud Precision Forstner Drill Bit

Best Accuracy

The Freud Precision Forstner Drill Bit knows that accuracy always matters. The razor-sharp serrated edges on this drill bit is all you need to cut the cleanest holes. With great shearing action and faster rotational speeds, you work more efficiently. And the ultra-sharp spur gives you the best start to drill the smoothest and flattest holes.

Working with the right tools makes jobs easier and faster. With the Forstner drill bits on our list, you deliver noticeably superior products. These long-lasting tools give you the precision and versatility you need every time. They help you work smarter, not harder.