The best framing nail guns for your construction projects

When you are getting a job done, you do not want to look over even a small detail. Working on projects means that every piece of the project has to be done well, or else something big can go awry that resulted from a small oversight. One hurdle that you may not even realize is how mobile you will have to be, so you cannot have a tool that gets in the way. Having the right tools for each job is a part of that, and getting the right framing nail gun means that you can fasten things with resistance the nail guns can push in to.

There are plenty of features you need to keep in mind when you are buying a framing nail gun. One thing to look for is the gauge of the nails that your gun will be using. If you have heavy-duty cords or implements to keep up, make sure that the gun holds the right gauge that will keep it up. You may also want to look at what kind of angles the framing nail gun comes in because different degrees will inform where you can use the gun and what you can use it on.

NuMax Nail Gun

Best Lightweight

The lightweight NuMax Nail Gun is a 21-degree pneumatic framing nailer that has a lightweight body and an ergonomic design. When working on multiple surfaces, you will be able to adjust the depth and work on different materials because of the no mar tip. You can also deck roofs, put up fencing, and install subfloors with this versatile nail gun. The body is made of durable and lightweight magnesium, so it will be easy on your arms while you work on projects for hours.

BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nail Gun

Best Accuracy

Got an eagle eye and need a nail gun to match? The Bostitch Coil Roofing Nail Gun will be your new best friend. The nail gun itself has adjustable depth control, wear guards for the body and magazine, and a side-loading canister. The 15-degree angle and coil roofing nailer make this perfect for shingling roofs. The accuracy of this nailer will make sure that you can perfect the spacing of its 100 psi nail delivery.

Freeman Framing Nail Gun

Best for DIY

The Freeman Framing Nail Gun is great for those DIY projects that you would want to get done around the home. The nail gun comes with a no mar tip that can be removed to expose teeth that are meant to grip on to wood for a secure shot each time. The air filter and anti-dust cap make sure that the integral inner parts of the machine stay clean even when working in dusty or dirty locations. Adjust the trigger between bump-fire or single-fire to get the job done quickly and right.

These cordless framing nail guns will save you so much time and energy because you will not have to push in all of those nails yourself. The consistency, power, and convenience of a nail gun prove it to be a useful item for you and your business. Get rid of the over-strain that you experience when working long jobs and put down that hammer. The framing nail gun is here!