The best fuel hose reels for replacing cracked hose to transfer air, fuel, and other materials

You want a more efficient workflow for your repair shop, but a faulty hose reel with cracks, short hose length, and a nonautomatic winding mechanism might be getting in your way. Fortunately, a professional fuel hose reel helps you transfer air, fuel, and other materials easily. We’ve curated a list of the top models here to help you decide.

When it comes to a dependable hose reel, consider the hose length, material, and connector size. The first two factors affect temperature tolerance and durability, while the hose size affects connector compatibility. Most hoses are suitable for both air and liquid use, but this differs by brand.

As for the reel itself, consider the material, ease of installation, and whether or not it retracts automatically. A retractable fuel hose reel eliminates the need to coil the hose around the stand after every use. Now, let’s take a look at our picks.

ReelWorks Hose Reel

Best Easy Mount

The ReelWorks model is a retractable hose reel with an adjustable stopper that closes shut on any part of the hose. Though the reel is forged from heavy, corrosion-resistant steel, it is a cinch to mount thanks to an L-shaped base with four groove holes that secure the body onto any wall, floor, or ceiling. The automatic retraction and no-memory hose ensure no kinks when winding up the hose.

MaxWorks Retractable Reel

Best Auto Rewind

MaxWorks’ reel is a retractable model fitted with brass and a 50-foot long rubber air hose with a universal inlet. Nonsnag rollers and a scratch-resistant hose prevent damage and premature breakdown. Note that the rubber hose has an air pressure capacity of 250 PSI and a maximum airflow of 25 CFM.

DEWALT Hose Reel

Best Double Arm

The DEWALT reel features a double arm and steel-body design. With a self-leveling system in place, the hose winds up evenly without bunching in one area or tangling. Even under pressure, the hose resists kinks, preventing work interruptions. A 12-position ratchet enables you to hold the hose to any length or position.

Whether you operate in a small repair shop or a large, industrial vehicle factory, a trusty hose reel is important. Depending on your workspace, an easy-to-install single, L-shaped arm reel might be more functional than a heavy-duty double arm reel. Also consider convenient, work-friendly features like automatic retraction, kink-resistant hoses, and multiposition ratchet locks. Luckily, any of the hose reels on our list are valuable work tools trusted by professionals in various industries.