The best full brim hard hats for all-around protection

A hard hat is a necessary piece of personal protective equipment in the construction business. Full brim hard hats, in particular, offer more protection from sunlight, stray rubble, and other potential work risks than a cap-style hard hat. We’ve taken the liberty of compiling this list of the best full brim hard hats available to help you make a more informed decision.

Full brim hard hats differ from the cap-style hat since they feature a round-the-head lip as an added safeguard for all work environments. Some models feature a built-in light to provide improved visibility in low-light conditions, while others are made with heat-resistant materials to help cool you off in blistering heat.

If you work longer shifts and find yourself uncomfortable with a heavy hard hat, consider one built with lightweight materials. This type will keep you safe throughout the workday without weighing you down. Now, let’s check out which full brim hard hat might make your workday noticeably better.

Klein Tools Hard Hat With Light

Best With Light

This full brim hard hat from Klein Tools is the best option with a work light for nighttime construction. It features adjustable top vents for air circulation and a provided, machine-washable sweatband for cushion and sweat absorption. When you need to change the light’s battery, a quick-release magnetic attachment removes the hassle of straps and clips. While there is an adjustable knob for a better fit, this hat is best for sizes 6.5 to 8.

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Best Lightweight

The Pyramex Safety hat is engineered from the lightest ABS materials, making you forget that you’re wearing fully functional, heavy-duty work gear. It features a four-point suspension system, which allows for a customized fit. This hat fits like a low-profile hat to offer extra protection that feels more natural than high-profile alternatives.

MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

Best Heat Resistant

Protect your head from heat and electricity with this heat resistant hat from MSA. This hat has been tested to shield you from temperatures up to 350° F (176 Celsius), and up to 2,200 volts. The ratchet-style harness system allows you to change the size as needed, especially when you wear extra gear underneath the hat. A standard 6.5 to 8 hat size makes this suitable for the average adult.

Full brim hard hats shield you from light, UV rays, electricity, heat, and falling debris. Their all-around lip design is made better by inventive features like lightweight materials, adjustable straps, and built-in lights. When you’re on your feet all day and completing strenuous work, a proper-fitting, comfortable hard hat can make the difference between a hard day and an enjoyable shift. Luckily, with any of the full brim hard hats on our list, you can meet industry standards for safety protection gear while ensuring your own personal comfort.