The best grout floats for applying grout when laying tile

Although grout should be worked into the cracks around tiles with a float, some of it will get onto the tiles. The grout can be wiped off easily with a sponge and water as a trailing operation to work performed by a grout float or rubber grout float. The key thing is to get one of the effective and dependable grout floats to ensure your grouting job is performed accurately.

The bottom of many grout floats and rubber grout floats is made of rubber for optimal spreading, and its handles usually are made of wood or plastic. After dabbing some grout onto the tool, the float helps to start spreading it across tiles when held at a 45-degree angle. When you’re ready to tackle grouting, get one of these leading grout floats and rubber grout floats.

M-D Building Products Rubber Grout Float

Best Overall

Nervous about a grouting job, when only a solid overall grout float will do? Then, the M-D Building Products Rubber Grout Float could be for you. The black and yellow float sports a beveled edge with rounded front edges to provide accurate control. Its squared-off back corners are engineered to provide complete grout coverage.

Goldblatt 12” Rubber Grout Float

Best Value

Need high value when purchasing a grout float? The Goldblatt Rubber Grout Float is a low-priced, 12-inch gum rubber float that features a soft handle. It offers a beveled edge with rounded front edges to provide greater control, and its squared-off back corners allow more complete grout coverage.

Trollex USA Urethane Grout Float

Most Durable

For those who need a grout float that can stand up to multiple uses, explore the Trollex USA Urethane Grout Float. The 4 x 9-inch urethane grout float is engineered to be highly durable. It offers a pure urethane bottom and soft-grip handle that’s comfortable and lightweight.

Don’t get frustrated when laying ceramic tile because you’re using an inferior grout float. Instead, get one of these well-performing, comfortable, and easy-to-use grout floats and rubber grout floats.