The best hard hat accessories for safety and comfort

Depending on your work, you may want to find different hard hat accessories that fit the environments you are working in. For those who are in hotter places, a cooling hat or even a small pad for your forehead can make a huge difference in your comfort level. You may also find that your hard hat simply cannot adjust well to your head, and you need to find the right kind of accessory that will let you customize it to fit properly to get your work done as safely as possible.

Hard hats are integral to the safety of all individuals on a construction site. They provide the skull with a protective barrier against any accidents that may occur. They prevent bad injuries from happening and worse injuries from escalating into debilitating ones. Safety is the number one feature in mind when designing hard hats, and comfort is put to the wayside. Thankfully, hard hat accessories make it easier for you to find the right kinds of adjustments that will make your hard hat more comfortable.

OccuNomix Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband

Easy to Use

Nothing is easier to use that the OccuNomix Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband. These sweatbands are made of 100% cotton, and they help you beat the heat by attaching to your hard hat with snaps. They keep the sweat off of your face by stopping it before it can drip down. They come in a multi-pack, so you can easily switch it out to a new one during your breaks. Throw them in the wash after use, and keep reusing them to increase your comfort during the workday.

Mission Cooling Skull Cap

Best for Warm Conditions

If you work in warmer weather, especially during the summer, you do not want to be at risk of overheating. Because of the cumbersome nature of hard hats, you may not be able to cool yourself off easily. Use the Mission Cooling Skull Cap to make it easier on you and to keep your temperature down during those warm months. The mesh top gives you proper airflow for the top of your head, and the fabric wicks away moisture. When you activate the fabric with water, it will start cooling your head instantly.

MSA Replacement Ratchet

Best Fit

Are the straps on those hard hats just not getting it right for your head? Do you feel uncomfortable and in danger when you cannot fit your hard hat over your head? Then the MSA Replacement Ratchet will help you get back to feeling safe. The ratchet suspension lets you get the perfect fit around your head. The lug attachments in the rear eliminate pressure points, and the nape strap has three levels of adjustment. The comfort pad at the rear of the ratchet contours to your head and improves airflow within the hard hat.

Hard hats will not feel perfect on everyone using them. Make sure that yours is perfect for you by outfitting it with the perfect accessories. From sweatbands to keep cool to replacement ratchets that help you get the perfect fit, these hard hat accessories can be what determines your comfort and safety in the workplace.