The best heavy-duty tarps for effective waterproof protection and storage

Heavy-duty tarps and heavy duty canvas tarps can be made of waterproof vinyl, waterproof canvas, fire-retardant vinyl, heavy-duty polyurethane, and other materials. In addition to blanketing landscaping or framing materials, they can be used to cover an outdoor grill or woodpile, or a boat, car, or truck. Try one of these useful heavy-duty tarps to see how you can benefit from the flexible covering.

Heavy-duty tarps and heavy-duty canvas tarps offer a wide range of applications, but they are especially useful in warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, construction, landscaping, farming, gardening, and disaster recovery operations. They are available in various materials and sizes. If you need to cover some material to protect your investment, consider one of these high-performing heavy-duty tarps.

Xpose Safety Super Heavy-Duty Tarp Cover

Best All-Weather

If weather resistance is a top heavy-duty tarp priority, the Xpose Safety Super Heavy Duty Tarp Cover can have you covered. The 10-by-10-foot tarp can protect items or materials from rain, snow, wind, and ultraviolet light. It offers a 16 by 16 weave count to boost strength and durability and metal grommets spaced every 18 inches for easier tie downs.

B-Air Grizzly Multipurpose Waterproof Tarp

Best Lightweight

If you’re seeking a heavy-duty tarp that’s both lightweight and washable, take a look at the B-Air Grizzly Multipurpose Waterproof Tarp. The 8-by-10-foot tarp weighs less than 7 pounds, is both washable and mildew-proof, and features a rope in its hem. It’s made of woven and laminated polyethlene and sports heat-sealed seams. Grommets are spaced every 3 feet for more secure tie downs.

Trademark Supplies Heavy-Duty Tarp Cover

Best Overall

Many heavy-duty tarp buyers are selecting the Trademark Supplies Heavy Duty Tarp Cover as their top choice. The 8-by-10-foot cover is engineered to be a highly durable and protective tarp. It’s made of a thick material, so it’s more protective from adverse weather conditions and various contaminants, such as mold and mildew. It can be used as a pool cover during winter months to protect against water, mud, and dirt.

Keep the elements off your car, pool, or landscape materials — especially if they won’t be used for a long time — by covering them with an effective heavy-duty tarp. These leading tarp models are very protective, durable, and lightweight.