The best hydraulic crimping tools for electrical projects

There are all different types of crimping tools you can use. You can use a hose crimping tool to connect hoses together. The hydraulic wire crimping tool can help attach terminals or conductors. The hydraulic line crimper is similar to the hose crimping tool. These all use a similar connection type while specifically geared toward certain materials.

There are two types of hydraulic crimping tools. You can get one that is a die-type that helps connect and crimp things with dies and matching connectors. If the tool’s intender is enough, then you can go with die-less tools. Even within these categories, you get an array of tool types like hand crimps, power driven crimps, and mechanic crimps.

IWISS Lug Crimping Tool

Best Security Features

It can be dangerous to use tools that can input force up to a few tons, so the IWISS Lug Crimping Tool will keep you safe while using it. The anti-slip rubber coated handle will keep your hands comfortable. The crimper is made of hardened steel to stay stronger for longer. There is also a reinforced metal plate on the crimp head to ensure that everything stays together.

Forney Lug Crimping Tool

Best Stability

If you want something that is immovable, the Forney Lug Crimping Tool will soon find a home on your work bench. This hammer type cable lug crimping tool is spring loaded. This crimps cable lugs from #6 AWG to #3/0 AWG. You can perform any job with this hardy tool that is sure to dish out enough force for any job you put up to it. Even with a crimper this small, it really packs a punch.

TEMCo Lug Crimping Tool

Best Stretch

The TEMCo Lug Crimping Tool has an excellent stretch for a crimping tool. The die-less design adjusts quickly to the different terminal sizes, from 8 gauge to 0000. You can use this with all crimp terminal lugs, even if they are heavy cast. The crimper is great to use with battery and welder cables.

These crimping tools are great to use for your electrical projects. You will find that your jobs go much faster and you will be more satisfied with your work with these quality tools. Have one in your tool kit so you’re ready for that next big job.