The best locking pliers to ensure a tight grip

Locking pliers are designed to tighten their jaws onto an object of choice so the tool doesn’t slip while it’s being pulled or rotated. While an ordinary pair of pliers needs to be squeezed by its handle to maintain a grip, locking pliers do all the work to remain clamped onto an item. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and lost grips by getting one of these top-notch locking pliers.

Also called channel lock pliers, lock ring pliers, and wire lock pliers, locking pliers have a joint that increases the force a user exerts on its handles and channels it to its jaws on the other end. Along with adjustable and non-adjustable, locking pliers are among the three basic pliers categories. Tap the benefits of this basic tool by getting one of these optimal locking pliers.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers

Best Versatile

Versatility is a great attribute when it comes to locking pliers. In that vein, the IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers is among the most versatile. The 10-inch locking pliers sport a curved jaw with hardened teeth designed to grip a variety of shapes from any angle, and include a wire cutter for more versatility. The tool features a classic trigger release for maximum locking force.

WORKPRO Locking Pliers Set

Best Value

On the prowl for a set of locking pliers at an affordable price? Then the WORKPRO Locking Pliers Set could be your value set. The three-piece set includes 6.5-inch long-nose locking pliers, and 7- and 10-inch curved-jaw locking pliers. The tools feature straight jaws for universal use and curved jaws for more efficient tightening, clamping, and turning of round objects. Both jaws are equipped with strengthened teeth for a stronger grip.

Craftsman Locking Pliers

Best Grip Handle

Need locking pliers with a good grip? The Craftsman Locking Pliers offer a superior, bi-material, multi-zone grip handle for optimal comfort and control. The two-piece set includes 7- and 10-inch locking pliers that feature easy-release mechanisms for one-handed operation. Adjustment screws on the tools help adjust the jaw opening and locking pressure.

Gain the best grip possible on hard-to-tighten or difficult-to-remove objects by employing a good pair of locking pliers. With one of these optimal and well-designed locking pliers in hand, you’ll likely turn to them for a long time to come.