The best lvt cutters for working with vinyl flooring materials without cracks and tears

The precision required to lay LVT flooring with just the right angles requires a special tool. It’s time to build your tool collection to deliver quality results. Our top choices for best LVT tools provide you with the professional performance you need to ensure that flooring looks great with minimal waste and straightforward workmanship.

LVT resembles real wood or stone but offers a much more durable covering for your flooring. When you’re installing these tiles, you’ll need to be able to cut through materials without shattering or snapping them in the wrong place. Our favorite options give you the professional results you need to streamline your job and deliver quality outcomes.

Norske Tools Flooring and Sliding Cutter

Best Overall

The LVT cutting tool from Norske Tools provides just the type of professional results you need for your floor installation. The cutting range is up to 13 inches with a miter option and an extra-long handle for better leverage. It's compact and clean, requires no electricity, and is a low dust option for smaller spaces. A steel blade with an aluminum fence provides durable performance.

EAB Tool Laminate Flooring Cutter

Best Maneuverability

This 9-inch tool uses a steel blade with a simple design with an angle gauge for dust-free operation. You'll be able to get the best cuts with minimal waste. A replaceable blade is convenient, but you can also resharpen it in the meantime to increase your precision and reduce waste. It produces professional level cuts to streamline your job.

MantisTol 13" Laminate Flooring & Siding Cutter

Best Value

This MantisTol tool gives you precision cuts for your LVT flooring and provides waste-free cutting with low dust. It's durable and strong with an extra-long handle to provide you with better leverage. The tungsten blade offers extra protection while ensuring a long-lasting cutting life. The tool requires no electricity to operate.

For excellent performance with durable and quality construction, the choices of tools on our list will give you professional results every time. Combine them with an LVT hole cutter option and an LVT/vinyl cutter lt-80 for best results and never feel anything less than amazing in your professional installations.