The best micro screwdriver kits for electronic repair work

Watches are secured with tiny screws and fasteners that are impossible to access without a dependable screwdriver set. For this and other tiny jobs, you need a micro screwdriver kit that’s compatible with these delicate parts. We’ve rounded up the top brands in the repair market and came up with this list to help you decide on the kit for you.

Micro screwdriver kits typically include commonly used drivers like the Phillips, flatheads, torx, square, hex, and triangle heads. Other inclusive kits are ideal for more intricate jobs like opening up computer units or gaming consoles. Some additional, nice-to-have features include shock resistant parts, magnetic noses, and included storage cases. Note that most microdriver kits are made with durable steel, though the type of steel may vary between brands. Let’s check out our choices.

EFFICERE Precision Screwdriver (9-Piece Set)

Best Ergonomic

This screwdriver kit includes 9 pieces compatible with three of the most common screws: Phillips, torx star, and flat in sizes 1.5 millimeters, 2.0 millimeters, and 2.5 millimeters. The ergonomic swivel end caps and the anti-slip rubber grip protect your finger from slipping and ensure maximum driving momentum.

Syntus 63-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Best Overall

The Syntus driver set is the best overall choice for repair shops that take in a wide range of gadgets, from digital cameras to gaming consoles and laptops. This up-to-date set includes a triangle plectrum and bit for accessing an iPhone mainboard. Each shaft is flexible, allowing connection to hard-to-reach fasteners. Lastly, the magnetic tips prevent bits from falling to the floor when pulled out.

Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Kit

Best Budget

The Nanch screwdriver kit is designed with an extendable telescopic rod to reach into deep pockets. This 22-piece set is ideal for common screw heads: flat, torx, philippines, hex, triangle, security torx, pentalobe, SP, tri-wing, and triangle. Like top range micro screwdriver sets, this kit is built with rust-resistant, heat-treated steel drivers with magnetic tips.

Micro screwdriver sets grant you access to tiny electronic boards or wristwatches. Each set on our list includes commonly used drivers for popular electronics like smart phones, gaming consoles, and desktops, complemented by magnetic tips to prevent screw misplacement. With the right tools, you’ll be able to repair any device no matter how intricate.