The best mortiser machines for fast and easy cutting

There are many jet mortiser machines that will make your life much easier when you need to construct joints. They automate the process so you do not have to chisel out these joints by hand. You can ensure uniformity every time you join the two pieces of wood together. They may also have other features like clamps to hold down your wood securely.

You may be wondering if you should go for a mortising machine versus a drill press. Though they may produce similar results, you probably still want to invest in a mortising machine. If you use a lot of mortise-and-tenon joints, you only have to do a few passes on this machine to get the perfect length and depth. These machines are outfitted to make these joints perfect every time.

Jet Bench Mortiser

Best Accuracy

Looking for that picture-perfect cut each time you pass the wood through the machine? The Jet Bench Mortiser has got your back. This has a ½ horsepower machine that runs on 115 volts. The 1,752 RPM motor packs a punch. The construction of the body is made of rugged cast iron and steel. The machine also comes with three bits and a chuck key.

Makita Chain Mortiser

Best Time Saver

Ensuring high productivity during busy times is essential to keeping the workflow running smoothly. The Makita Chain Mortiser helps you get rid of the guesswork of hand chiseling your joints. The 10.5 amp motor will quickly notch or cut holes even through a thick wood stock. This is a more portable mortiser as well, so you can take this with you when you travel.

Rikon Mortiser

Best Value

Professionals can rejoice with the Rikon Mortiser, an affordable and high-quality machine that could soon occupy your workbench. The powerful 1,750 RPM motor will quickly cut mortises on tough woods. The machine is also equipped with dovetail column ways that can be adjusted to fit what you need in your joints. The gas-filled stabilizer will help control the chisel motion during long hours of work.

These tenon-and-mortise machines will make a world of a difference when you install one on your workbench. Having a dedicated machine to get those notches and joints makes it all the easier to get perfect accuracy each time. Stay productive and your work will show just how great of a craftsman you are