The best nail pullers for easily and quickly removing nails

One of the biggest health risks that contractors and construction workers face is repetitive strain injury. Doing the same movement over and over for years can take a toll on your body. Reduce the workload by relying on one of these amazing nail pullers we have carefully vetted for complete satisfaction.

Owning a pair of nail puller tools will change the way you work. You will break down structures, walls and rigs apart at a lightning speed. Whether you prefer a nail puller slide hammer or nail puller pliers, we got you covered. We have researched the best models and have put together a list with our top selections.

Crescent 11-Inch Nail Puller Pliers

Best Pliers

If you want a tool that performs at the highest level, the Crescent 11" Nail Puller Pliers are the leaders of the market. The functionality of pliers, combined with the durability of forged steel, creates a powerful tool that can remove nails from the front and back of the wood. The dual handles provide powerful and controlled grip.

TEKTON 3320 18-Inch Utility Pry Bar

Best Pry Bar

The TEKTON 3320 18-Inch Utility Pry Bar is a versatile and heavy-duty contoured bar with a broad flat end and high leverage rocker end. The chisel tips are ideal to get into tight cracks and difficult-to-reach crevices. It features three nail slots for multiple angles of operation.

yisige Mutipurpose Puller Tool

Best Overall

If you want to experience the confidence of using the best option, the yisige Mutipurpose Puller Tool is your clear choice. This model has an advanced design and is loaded with features. It is made of carbon steel with anti-corrosive finishing, and it was created with an ergonomic handle to make your work easier.

Demolition and tear downs are fun but time consuming if you don’t have the proper tools. Make sure you are moving quickly and staying profitable in your contracts by providing everyone in your crew with the tools they need to do a great job. Find the perfect match for your needs with these selected suggestions.