The best paddle bits for versatile drilling

Bottom line is, you need drill bits that fit your drill’s needs. We’re not talking about high-maintenance drill bits that will break the bank. We’re talking about versatile, reliable drill bits that get the job done —

the type of job that requires clean, precise holes drilled in a variety of sizes. Let’s take a look at how well these spade bits perform under pressure.

Your drill just can’t have any old bit; it’s had too many faulty ones in its life. It needs bits that can drill efficiently, have a variety of sizes, and above all else are compatible with most drills. The bits we’ve selected check all of the boxes and will save you time, money, and maybe even your sanity. Let’s face it: your drill (and your wallet) deserves better.

DeWalt Drill Bit Set

Best Overall

The DeWalt DW1587 6 Bit 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch Spade Drill Bit Assortment comes with six commonly used high-performance drill bits that work well with most any drill. The spade bits are designed with heavy-duty shanks for long life and durability. Most importantly, the bits make clean holes and won’t damage your wood.

WORKPRO Spade Drill Bit Set

Super Durable

The WORKPRO 13-Piece Spade Drill Bit Set is made to last. Being constructed from carbon steel and heat-treated for durability, these bits will be with you for a long time. It has a quick-change hex shank, which reduces slipping and increases safety. It’s universal, so it fits most brands of drill driver tools.

COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set

Wide Application

The COMOWARE 13 Piece Spade Drill Bit Set is made with carbon steel and a sharp bit that gives you the flexibility to drill through most types of wood, fiberglass, certain plastics, and soft metals like aluminum. It also fits most brands of power tools and has a flat paddle design with a sharp cutting edge that drills accurate, pristine holes.

It makes a difference when you have one set of drill bits that can cut through most surfaces. The drill bits on this list will last a long time, do a great job, and satisfy all your drilling needs. They’re the perfect addition to your tool belt.