The best palm nailers for user-friendly upgrades

Palm nailers are simply nail guns with some ergonomic advantages that make them more user-friendly. They are easy to use as they simply drive nails into place with air pressure. Depending on how heavy-duty your job is, you may be able to get away with a handheld and cordless model. Otherwise, hook it up to an air compressor for an even better results.

Depending on your uses, you may want to look into different features of each of these nailers. A cordless palm nailer could be useful if you need a nailer that is easy to move around from spot to spot without worrying about a cord. There are also popular brands like the Ridgid palm nailer that are made to stay comfortable in your hand and include useful additions like straps.

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer

Best Lightweight

If you are not familiar with palm nailers, grab one of the BOSTITCH Palm Nailers. The design of this palm nailer is made to be intuitive to even the newest users. The rubber grip makes it easier to insulate and reduce the vibrations to get rid of any shaky hands. It can drive common bulk finishes like timber nails. The swivel air fitting makes this easy to use no matter what the orientation.

Metabo HPT Palm Nailer

Best Maneuverabie

The Metabo HPT Palm Nailer is a breeze to move around. The palm nailer fits right in your hand and the swivel fitting keeps any connectors from getting tangled. It is great for installing metal connectors and joist hangers. The magnetic nose can hold a fastener in place before committing to the placement. These can handle bulk nails between 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

Freeman Palm Nailer

Best Ergonomic

User fatigue is unfortunately too real of a scenario, and it can be tiring to carry around tools that are not meant for you to use in longer sessions. The Freeman Palm Nailer knows how to take care of you while still delivering a great tool. The body clocks in at less than 2 pounds and the whole case has a comfortable rubber grip that makes it easier to hold all day.

Give your arms and hands a break from those bulky traditional tools. With the innovations in tool-making today, you will find yourself feeling much better after using a palm nailer for the first time. Get more done without being exhausted and treat yourself to a great palm nailer.