The best pencil grinders for professional results

What do you do when faced with molding, detail, or other small finishing work and you don’t have the right tool? Invest in a quality pencil grinder, of course. These small finishing tools give you the chance to produce professional-quality results for your jobs with a simple function. Our top choices for best pencil grinders give you professional results every time.

Whether you’re smoothing burrs, finishing out the inside of holes, or blending contours, a pencil grinder provides the capability for you. These are an excellent option for ensuring that you have the right tool and aren’t stuck with an unfinished piece for lack of craftsmanship. Here are our favorites. Use them to transform your jobs from OK to great.

Astro Pneumatic Pencil Type Die Grinder

Best Variable Speed

This die type pencil grinder features 56,000 rotations per minute for unbelievable accuracy and performance. It's useful for getting into tight spaces and offers lightweight construction for less strain. It features a 5-foot hose and is suitable for a variety of industries, providing high-speed porting, and finishing small parts. Plus, a simple twist throttle gives you varying speed for flexibility.

Neiko Micro Die Grinder

Best Speed Control

This micro die grinder from Neiko is designed to get into tight spaces and finish off jobs with professional results. It gives you a flexible nylon hose and 54,000 rotations per minute for finishing off a variety of surfaces. The pencil-style grinder is small enough to reach into tight spaces while the lightweight housing causes less strain. Plus, it has complete control over speed to give you the flexibility you need.

DeWalt Die Grinder

Best Alternative

DeWalt's pencil grinder offers a respectable 25,000-rotation-per-minute motor for finishing out projects in a variety of spaces. It's compact and easy to maneuver while working off welding machines and generators in addition to other power sources. It has comfortable housing with a lock-on button for safety and is a highly durable yet flexible option.

Pencil grinders can help you finish jobs with the type of precision required of professionals. Our top choices give you flexibility and power, putting in small details and grinding out imperfections in a variety of jobs. It’s time to upgrade your tools and upgrade your final results. Whether you choose electric pencil grinders or air pencil grinders or you need a pencil grinder bits, these options will help.