The best pex cutters for clipping soft plastic piping

PEX cutters and PEX pipe cutters tend to work the same on both large and small PEX tubing. The scissors-like tool cuts through the soft tubing by squeezing its handle instead of via a ratcheting action, like PVC pipe cutters. Since PEX cutters and PEX pipe cutters are tailored for the soft piping, get one of these top-notch cutters to properly install PEX tubing.

Many PEX cutters, PEX pipe cutters, and PEX tubing cutters have comfortable grip handles that make cutting more comfortable and easier. They are engineered to make straight and precise cuts according to the diameter of PEX tubing. If you are installing PEX tubing, be sure to get one of these accurate and dependable PEX cutters or PEX tubing cutters.

RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutters

Best for Tight Fits

If you're installing PEX tubing in tight areas, the RIDGID 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tubing Cutters are a big help. The tool is designed for use in restricted spaces on small diameter tubing. It features a strong, lightweight slide and wheel housing, and large knurled feed screw knob to provide easier control of cutting pressure for cleaner cuts. The tool can cut hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic tubing.

IWISS PEX Pipe Cutters

Best Value

For value shoppers, the IWISS PEX Pipe Cutters is a top buy. The low-priced tool can make straight and burr-free cuts on PEX pipes ranging from ⅛ to 1 inch in diameter. It features a spring-loaded handle for a quicker opening and faster cutting. The cutter is targeted at professionals seeking a good way to get started with PEX plumbing.

Zantle Pipe and Tube Cutter

Best Overall

Need one of the top PEX cutters on the market? Then reach out for the Zantle Pipe and Tube Cutter, a one-hand-operated and fast cutting tool for PEX and other types of pipes. It features a ratchet drive to make cutting easier and a fish handle is for added comfort. The tool is engineered to cut pipe within 5 to 20 seconds with less hand fatigue.

When working with PEX plumbing or tubing, ensure cuts are fast and precise by using effective PEX cutter or PEX pipe cutters. Remove any guesswork or mistakes by employing one of these leading cutters.