The best pin nailers for discreetly nailing brads

You can find differing features for pin nailers on the market. You can find cordless pin nailers that are powered by a motor instead of an air compressor. This makes them easier to use when you need to move around to those tricky spots. You can also find them with ergonomic handles to reduce wear on your hands.

Those unfamiliar with pin nailers may sometimes mistake them for a brad nailer. They are both pneumatic power tools that require air compressors to deliver on the power necessary to drive those pieces in. The main difference is that pin nailers are much more precise in their applications. You may also find them called 23-gauge pin nailers due to their use of such small pins.

BOSTITCH 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Best Lightweight

The BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 Gauge is a lightweight machine that can deliver one heck of a punch. It works great on delicate materials so you can punch in those 23-gauge pins smoothly without damaging the material itself. There is a high and low power control that will help you set the pin depth without requiring adjustment to the air compressor itself.

Arrow Fastener 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

Best Budget

Need a reliable pin nailer without it burning a hole through your wallet? The Arrow Fastener Arrow 23G Pin Nailer gives you exactly what you need at a great price. The tool features a compact design that will help drive those headless pin nails in no matter the surface. You can adjust the exhaust cover and it has extra contact safety, so it does not fire until you want it to.

Metabo HPT 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Kit

Best Value Kit

Get the whole shebang with the Metabo HPT Pin Nailer Kit. The kit includes a powerful pin nailer that you can adjust the depth for before driving it into a variety of surfaces. The reload indicator lets you know when you are running low. It also comes with safety glasses, extra no-mar tips, and a hex bar wrench.

Pin nailers help you get that picture-perfect look without the worries of white spots or garish holes in the wood projects. A handy pin nailer will soon house itself in your tool bag or workshop soon enough. Enjoy the ease of having this discreet nailing device for your hard-to-clamp and delicate projects.