The best pipe cleaners for effectively clearing blocked straws, pipes, and more

Pipe cleaners are a must-have for handymen, project managers, and a variety of other professional jobs. They’re versatile tools, covering hard-to-reach places and allowing you the flexibility to get your job done. Our top options for best pipe cleaners are not only durable, they’ll provide a professional-grade job each time.

A pipe cleaner ensures that you can reach hard spots in a variety of pipes. Pipe cleaners are easy to use and durable — they won’t bend or break down after just a few jobs. Our favorite options listed here are wonderful for tackling all sorts of projects, and you’ll get the professional performance you need. Let’s take a look.

Zen Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners

Best Overall

These hard bristle pipe cleaners give you both the flexibility and the performance to clean out a variety of things no matter how inconvenient. Durable bristles can attack stuck-on grime and dirt, while the bundle method gives you enough for all your jobs. They measure about 4 millimeters in diameter, and the bristles are sharp.

Hiware Drinking Straw Cleaning Brush Kit

Best for Straws

This pipe cleaner set comes in several different sizes and is perfect for cleaning a variety of reusable straws or areas with the same diameter. They’re flexible and soft, keeping your surfaces protected while giving you enough strength to clean out any grime. Rinse them off and use them again for multiple cleanings.

FOMMEN Clog Remover Drain Relief

Best Set

When you need more than just a pipe cleaner, this set allows you to clean out a variety of drains and other spaces efficiently and quickly. It comes with the pipe cleaners, snake, and auger tool, so there’s no clog you can’t fix. Each tool is durable and offers reliable service for professional jobs.

Whether you’re trying to get into a small area or you need the flexibility of a heavy-duty pipe cleaner, the options from our list can get you started. These offer reliable service and a convenient package that helps get to those inconvenient places with ease. Uplevel your jobs and keep these pipe cleaners handy in your toolkit.