The best pony clamps for your woodworking shop

You often glue or weld materials together in your professional workshop, but are always in need of an extra set of hands to get the job done. A pony clamp is designed for this exact purpose and to ensure your final product is intact. To help you decide on the right tool, we’ve tracked down the leading pony clamps here.

Pony clamps are metal rods with a set of jaws that clamp onto various materials while you fasten them together. One end features the fixed side of the jaw, and the other is an adjustable side you can widen or shrink according to your materials’ width.

The most common types of clamps include pipe clamps designed with a pipe rod instead of a flat piece and can be used for plumbing jobs. The traditional pony claw features L-shaped jaw pieces that are best used for flat woodworking materials. Lastly, spring metal clamps are useful for smaller, shorter duration tasks that require narrow jaws and less force. Let’s take a look at which pony clamp is best for you.

PONY 50 Pipe Clamp

Best Overall

Pony Jorgensen’s clamp is a cast iron pipe style that accommodates ¾-inch pipes. Its multi-disc clutch provides a steady hold no matter where you position the clamp. This versatile tool is commonly used for both woodworking and metal applications, but your pipes need to be at least 7 inches longer than the pieces you need to clamp for this pipe to be effective.

Pony 8510BP Cabinet Claw

Best Cabinet Claw

This two-pack of pony cabinet claw clamps from Pony Jorgensen is any woodworker’s best tool for holding materials from 2 to 4 inches wide. Specially designed, adjustable stiles allow you to install cabinets without removing the clamp from its starting position. Padded jaws protect woods and other materials from common damage like scratches or dents. Additionally, a zinc-plated aluminum body prevents staining common in black clamps.

PONY Heavy-Duty Metal Spring Clamps Set

Best Spring Clamp

For projects that require multiple smaller clamps with the power of pipe or claw clamps, these spring types from PONY are your best bet. This bundle includes 10 tempered steel spring clamps: eight 1-inch sizes, and two 2-inch jaw sizes. The steel bodies with nickel plates are capped with poly-vinyl on both ends that protect your fingers and your work materials.

If you’re in any woodworking or metalworking business, you’ll become familiar with pony clamps quickly. These essential tools provide extra support when it comes to holding pieces together while the glue or metal is setting. Whether you’re mounting a cabinet or in the process of building one, a pony clamp is a worthy tool to have around.