The best pry bar sets for all kinds of jobs

Make sure that the sizes will be useful for all of your jobs. Bigger pry bars can be used for leverage against wood and other objects. They can also be used to remove nails, too. Smaller pry bars can be used to remove smaller nails and scrape off paint and tacks. Sizes in between can help you get trickier jobs done that don’t require a large pry bar, but that need something stronger than a small pry bar.

Even though there are many features that a pry bar set can advertise, do not feel overwhelmed when using these tools. Boil it down to must-have features to find exactly what you need. One aspect you will need to pay particular attention to is the size and shape of your pry bar set. Some pry bar sets have the traditional S shape, while others have a handle and a curved edge.

Titan Pry Bar Scraper Set

Best Stainless Steel

The Titan Pry Bar Scraper Set comes in multiple sizes for scraping, chiseling, and prying nails and tack. The stainless steel construction comes with a polished finished to give it a sleek design. These tools fit comfortably in your hand, allowing you to use them for long periods of time. You can scrape off junk and pull off tacks that are stuck on old projects and builds. Stainless steel provides resistance to corrosion and makes it easier to clean.


Best for Tool Belts

Need a pry bar that will just hang around on your tool belt without causing you trouble? Then the Tekton Pry Bar, and you will soon be attached at the hip (or wherever you place it). The contoured bar is made to be versatile, having a broad flat end and a high-leverage rocker on the other. The chiseled tips slide easily into tight cracks and crevices. The steel construction is forged, heat-treated, and finished with enamel, making this a tough crowbar that will resist rust and corrosion.

Mayhew Dominator Pry Bar Set

Best Curved Ends

The Mayhew Dominator Pry Bar Set has different pry bars from others you may look at. These have a metal striking cap at the end of the handle, which makes it not only a great pry tool but also a great tool to strike at without damaging it. The curved edges give great prying leverage, especially when it comes in contact with narrower areas. The handles are not only durable against being struck at, but are also comfortable to handle and are resistant to oil, solvent, and fluctuating temperatures.

Working with pry bars should not mean the death of your hands and muscles from overexertion. The right kinds of pry bars will get the job done with ease and help you stay energized for the rest of the workday. Have a set handy for any job at any time and you will be more prepared to deal with the ins and outs of construction and home improvement.