The best ratchet cutters for electrical and plumbing tasks

There are a host of plastic pipes or tubes available in the plumbing world, including PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, and PE. One tool can cut them all: a ratchet cutter. It also can be used to cut rubber hoses, multilayer tubing and cables. The tool typically provides a square cut without any burrs. Get on the ratchet cutter train by purchasing one of these effective and durable models.

From a ratchet cable cutter to ratcheting PVC cutter to a ratcheting wire cutter, there are several types of ratchet cutters. They are designed to cut soft materials such as aluminum, brass, copper and PVC, but are not strong enough to cut steel, which likely would dull the tool’s blade. To take advantage of those many helpful applications, get one of these high-performing ratchet cutters.

Klein Tools 63050 Cable Cutters

Best Durability

Looking for a ratchet cutter that can stand up to repeated uses? Klein Tools 63050 Cable Cutters offer high durability. The heavy-duty cutter is through-hardened instead of case-hardened to provide a longer-lasting cutting surface. The tool is designed for precision, one-hand shearing action, and features cable-gripping, shear-type jaws. It’s ideal for cutting aluminum, copper, and communications cable in confined spaces.

Muzata Cable Cutters

Best Budget

Break out a ratchet cutter without breaking the bank by purchasing Muzata Cable Cutters. The budget-minded tool is designed to foster very precise and clean cuts without fraying or smashing any cable ends. It can be used on cutaway cables and ripcords or to remove grommets. The tool’s jaws can cut soft or hard steel cable wire rope.

SogYupk USA Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Best Value

To derive a lot of value from your ratchet cutter purchase, consider getting the SogYupk USA Ratcheting Cable Cutter. The affordable, 11-inch tool can be used with one hand and is equipped with a 1,000-volt insulated handle and quick-release lever. It features a fast ratcheting mechanism for easier and cleaner cuts with low hand fatigue. Compact and lightweight, the cutter has a 2-inch jaw opening.

Cut soft or hard steel cable wire and soft pipes to your heart’s desire by employing a solid ratchet cutter. These durable, dependable, flexible, and affordable ratchet cutters are all about being solid performers.