The best rubber cement glue for crafting

Leather, fabric, and cork are only a few of the materials that stay in place with rubber cement glue. But don’t let the word “cement” fool you. The flexibility of this substance is the key to jobs that require less stiffness and more malleable durability.

Patch, seal, or build your crafting projects with the versatility of rubber cement glue. This material delivers the strength to bond your projects together while offering flexibility for easy handling. Create professional handmade items that customers will love with the right rubber cement glue product. Let’s take a look at our favorites.

RH Adhesives Industrial Vinyl Cement

Best Overall

Super strong and flexible, the RH Adhesives Industrial Vinyl Cement creates a liquid-proof seal that lasts. This bonding is perfect for most vinyl-coated and vinyl-laminated fabrics. It resists extreme temperatures and all weather conditions for a professional, long-lasting finish. The included brush makes application easier and improves adhesion.

Elmer's Rubber Cement

Best for Crafts

Take your arts and crafts to the next level with the Elmer's Rubber Cement. This adhesive lets you create professional projects that stand out and customers love. Scrapbooks and other cut-and-paste projects are easy with the included brush applicator. The glue won’t wrinkle while drying and excess rubs away easily, leaving you with a clean-looking work of art. Unleash the imagination with this easy to use and strong adhesive that helps you create long-lasting projects.

Barge All Purpose Cement

Most Convenient

For industrial strength that is flexible and long lasting, use the Barge All Purpose Cement. This waterproof and easy-to-spread formula won’t smear. It’s a clean adhesive that works on a variety of applications from wood to leather, glass, and particle board. Give your projects the professional finish you’re looking for with maximum durability and flexibility.

Give your projects the strength and flexibility they need with the rubber cement glue items on our list. These easy-to-use products are versatile and durable to give your projects a professional finish that looks great. No matter what materials you’re using, these convenient solutions are sure to be the secret ingredient to your best quality work.