The best rubber mallets for no visible marks or damage on projects

A rubber mallet is lighter, cheaper, and safer to use than most metal mallets. They usually weigh from 12 to 28 ounces and are a good choice when you don’t want to cause damage to the item you’re striking.

Rubber mallets typically contain sand or shot in their rubber heads that generate a striking force with reduced rebound. They have a host of uses including smoothing out dents in automobiles, gently forcing snug-fitting components into place, or securing parts of upholstery. No matter how you plan to use one, these versatile and durable rubber mallets can serve you well.

TEKTON Rubber Mallet

Best Strong Handle

A firm handle is a key attribute of a rubber mallet. A good option with a strong handle is the TEKTON Rubber Mallet. The 16-ounce black mallet features a high-strength fiberglass handle core that helps absorb vibrations. Its soft and nonslip rubber grip is a directly integrated piece of the handle that’s engineered to never pull loose.

Coleman Rubber Mallet

Best Value

Want a handy yet low-priced rubber mallet? The Coleman Rubber Mallet is a good choice for the budget conscious. It features a comfort-grip handle, full tang steel shaft, and a steel stake puller that can handle up to 40 pounds in pulling force. The mallet’s double-sided head is made of high-impact rubber, so the tool is ideal for driving plastic or steel tent pegs.

MulWark Double-Faced Rubber Mallet Tool Kit

Best Kit

If a rubber mallet tool kit interests you, consider the MulWark Double-Faced Rubber Mallet Tool Kit. The 10-piece set comes with a double-faced, comfort-grip rubber mallet and nine various punches. The mallet’s lightweight, hollow, tubular steel handle is designed to shift the weight balance toward the head for extra power in each blow. The cushioned, non-slip handle offers a comfortable and firm grip.

Get a lot of bang for your buck by buying a good rubber mallet. These versatile rubber mallets can do a lot of banging without inflicting any damage to a work surface.