The best sandpaper assortments for different jobs

Why buy only one grade of sandpaper when you can have an assortment? With so many uses, every professional needs a stash of assorted wet dry sandpaper in their shop. It’s the buffing and polishing tool you can never get enough of.

Sandpaper is one of the most versatile working tools. Need to smooth out surfaces, remove grime, or sharpen your gardening scissors? Sandpaper’s your go-to material. Shoemakers, mechanics, and tailors also love these functional sheets. Let’s take a look at our favorite sandpaper assortments for all types of jobs.

Miady Sandpaper Assortment

Best Variety

With a variety of grits from 150 to 5000, the Miady Sandpaper Assortment pack includes 36 sheets. They’re made from premium waterproof silicon carbide and feature an even grit throughout each sheet. Each sheet is 9 x11 inches and easy to cut into smaller sizes as needed. Use them wet or dry in all your art, woodworking, or automotive projects.

HSYMQ Sandpaper Variety Pack

Best Thickness & Quality

The HSYMQ Sandpaper Variety Pack includes 24 sheets of thick, high-quality sandpaper that is extra durable. These 9×3.6 inch sheets feature 12 assorted grits, from 12 to 3,000. Use them to handle all types of jobs with reduced effort on your part. Their soft back is easy to hold, helping you work faster without slips.

keama Sandpaper Assortment

Best Value

For frequent users, the keama Sandpaper Assortment is a value solution. Each pack includes 45 pieces of sandpaper with assorted grits, from 120 to 5,000. Meet all your needs with this premium quality material made from waterproof silicon carbide. It’s electro coated for maximum durability and versatility. Each sheet is 9×3.6 inches and suitable for all buffing and polishing jobs.

The best professionals always have the right materials handy. Sandpaper should never be the exception. With the assorted sandpaper packs on our list, you always have the perfect grit to leave your projects looking their best. They come in different sizes and grades to help you with jobs of all types.